Saturday, September 16, 2017

Okay - a Look Back in photos - LOTS of them

Yep, I had some tech savvy person help me get these here. :)



                                                     -  Helping put Letter Trays together -

                 We're checking out some meal worms.

- Patterning with our number crowns -

                                                                ORANGE DAY!

                             The monarch caterpillar came and only stayed for only a short time.

               Thanks for bringing him/her in. We will have to look for the spots on the butterfly to see if it turns into a boy.

The caterpillar did this on Friday and was a chrysalis by Monday morning. 

   They caught a butterfly at the Environmental Center and tagged him. Then they set him free. That was on Saturday and NOT our butterfly. We won't be able to tag ours.

This was early September. The trees were already starting to turn.

We read the story CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM  by Bill Martin Jr. We also saw the cute clip on the web too - multiple times. We made our own alphabet and tree.


Jog-A-Thon and Sept. 18 news


September 18

The heat is on!! We haven’t seen much rain since Fair Week - which has allowed us to get outside for recess every day except the “Eclipse” day. The Jog-A-Thon went well! Get in your pledge sheets to qualify for prizes, if you wish to participate. Thanks to the parents that turned out to walk with the kids and who donated popsicles. They were refreshing after doing all those laps!! Some of us hit about or past the 2 mile mark (8 laps). We were so lucky to have perfect weather for this!

WEDNESDAY IS GREEN DAY! SO IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING THAT HAS A LITTLE GREEN IN IT- PLEASE WEAR IT ON THAT DAY! ALSO WEDNESDAY IS LIBRARY DAY. To get a new book, the last week’s one needs to be returned. Next week’s Wed. will be an easy- “BLUE DAY!

We will be planting “Pinwheels for Peace” on Sept. 21, on the front lawn to encourage a more peaceful world. The students created them in Art class.      

Unity Day is coming on Friday. We need good weather for this fun day of mixing the grades and kids up! We’ll participate in a lot of curious experiences. Kids should be dressed in comfortable clothes and shoes for this day, as we travel indoors and outdoors for the planned activities.

Mobile Dentists are coming on Oct. 3rd. This is a chance to conveniently fulfill the K requirement of seeing the dentist! Form must be filled out to participate.

The sock monkeys (Peyton and Dusty) have gone out again, and this time they visited Zane and Brayden’s house. The pictures sent from Ryder and Alex were great! Thanks!  It sure looks like you had fun. Please keep these guys away from pets or little brothers and sisters for safety.


What we have working on: Similar to last week

  • Writing and reading/recognizing  numbers and letters  - recognizing/matching sounds to letters - We have introduced Tt, Ff, Bb, It, Uu and soon to be Cc and Oo and Aa and Gg
  • Writing our names correctly
  • Shape recognition of the 4 most common - triangle, square, rectangle, and circle - but also learning ovals and hexagons - we’ll talk about 3D shapes too - seen in life settings
  • We are working on number id - and sequencing numbers in order  - and also patterning.
  • We’re back to a schedule in the S.M. Lab - which gives us challenging lessons in reading and math. In the G-Lab we work with web games like RazKids - a reading program.
To get on at home go to RazKids - my code is Wiem1 - find your child’s name - then “kinder” for the password.
  • Holding our scissors correctly with thumbs up - putting caps back on markers and glue sticks -THEN  PICKING THEM UP FROM OFF THE FLOOR -a work in progress :O
  • Hallway behaviors, classroom, lunchroom, and recess behaviors -  “I Care Cat” and Mrs. K. continue to visit us and help us with those “I Care Rules”
Rules are enclosed this week. They make sense!!
  • Remembering if we brought a cold lunch or not and not eating our snack and thinking it is lunch -still workin on this one. Remember that lunches are $2.80/day and money is subtracted from your child’s account when they eat the school’s lunch on those days. Funds may be added on line. If you have lost your menu, it is posed on line, or I could send you another copy.

We have an afternoon snack time, and it is strongly suggested that your child  bring a little snack (crackers or cereal can work) to eat at that time. Some kids are eating leftovers from their cold lunch.  There is usually no group snack provided. If you would like to send a birthday treat, we have 15 students in our class. Those who have not purchased snack milk, may send along an alternative drink or cup for water.

*Later this month, we will be making applesauce and I will ask for apples to be sent in. NOT YET. (Last Wed. of the month - watch for note as date gets closer.)

THE NFL SEASON HAS STARTED! WE WILL BE GRAPHING THE WINS OF THE TEAMS IN OUR DIVISION:  BEARS - LIONS - PACKERS - VIKINGS. As of Sat. morning, there are 3 footballs posted. Sorry Bears’ fans. Maybe they did it on Sunday???  Lena, a Viking fan, has come to school. She’s a little wooden girl.

                                                       We were looking right into the sun!

Yeah, this is a whole lot better, Miss Wiemer! We can see you and you can see our faces!

More into the sun pics!

Who are these people? They are not in our class - but having a good time!

We were in our places and ready - and set to .....!


Time for a break after about 4 laps. We're getting tired, but we'll be up and going again soon.

We'll stop for a quick picture, but need to keep going. 

Now we're ready for a break.

Yeah - POPSICLES really hit the spot and cooled us off! 

          Miss W. made us do math in the afternoon. Sequence and then add the "spots" for the amount shown on the number cards.