Monday, May 18, 2020

May 18

Thanks for taking care to pick up your 'stuff.' Kindergarten, overall, did a good job. The room is packed up for next year, so I work on the computer for now. The teachers are scheming for some sort of end of the year special event. I am not quite sure what, but am not inclined to say.

Thanks for keeping busy and getting done what you can get done. I know it has been difficulty. Thanks for getting done what you can and sending it my way.

We are in the homestretch now, and if you watch Mrs. Durand - she is doing a count down.

A rainy Sunday went into a rainy Monday and maybe a rainy Tuesday. Let's see if it clears up later in the week or we'll need to build a boat. dw

Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Now it's May and we are in the same boat traveling the crazy seas of remote learning. Thank you all who have been completing assignments and getting on razkids and S.M. I love the chance to see you in zoom and google meets - those who have come.

I hope you have had a Happy Mother's Day. Did you get the chance to pick up your stuff??

Are your seeds growing. Mine have been moved to a pot that I bring in and out due to the cold weather.

Monday, April 20, 2020

April 20

April 20

        Many are getting out and getting in the yard. The dandelions are up and sprinkling the green lawns with dots of yellow. The daffodils are starting to fade and the trees are budding out. The winds have been strong. Hope you have been getting out.

Happy April Birthdays for Rhys and Eva and Happy May birthdays to Amelia and Hadley!!
Parade will be on Tuesday - I hope it doesn’t rain. It is not supposed to. 

April 21

The weather was beautiful for the parade. We started at the High School and went through town and the trailer park and then on to West Lake. It was amazing to see so many of our classmates. The signs and driveway art were beautiful!! It was a very long parade. There were so many people of all ages  outside to shout-out to us and me to them! I hope you were able to see the ‘show.’

Thursday, April 16, 2020

April chatting with you news

We are all stuck at home - from the middle of March and now into April.

April 6th

Above all- STAY SAFE  AND WELL!! Stay connected to friends and family!! :)

Well, how did zoom go? Not so well, and the future ones had problems too.

Hope you have been able to go to the links in Google Classroom and have been keeping busy with the links and on-line programs. Thanks for showing all of your work. I miss seeing you in person.  I will soon know who has gotten into S.M. Mrs. Holub just talked to us this morning and told us that a lot of the Kinders have visited. SHE MIGHT set up a contest for the amount of time people are visiting and doing their best- stay tuned for that. At least six kids have gotten into Freckle. I will see a report from Razkids soon to know who has been there. If there is nothing after your name, I will know you have not visited. 

Hope you had a Happy Easter and were able to connect with family.

Mrs. Durand has had some awesome morning announcements, if you have watched them. Be sure to check out the 21st, as there will be a shout-out to our class in her morning message.

The April 15 Zoom meet did not go so well! I believe that it is the internet at my house that is not so good. We will have to try another way to connect with each other. I hope you have had the chance to get outside. I have tried to time my morning walks to catch the sunrise. It has been some very cold mornings with frost on the ground when I go.

I am so excited to see the pictures and messages that you are sending. It makes me smile to see that you are still working hard. Mrs. Holub has let me know who has been visiting Success Maker, and I can check who has been visiting RazKids. You can also keep visiting Starfall too. I like your writings - keep them coming.

We will try to have a teacher car parade next week - on Tuesday-Stay posted for details as they become available. We are still working things out.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

chatter if you have the time April

             Well, if you have someone at home - you have the chance to read together and play some games. Try to get out and walk when you can. If you have a dog you can walk the dog. I think you don't need to be watching too much TV. I have also been listening to some music. I may make cookies later today. I will also get out a puzzle later today too.

            Did you have a nice Easter? The winds and the temperatures were so cold yesterday, but at least there was no snow. Some former students did some sidewalk art on my sidewalk for Easter. It was a nice surprise. The teachers may try and do a parade next week - I guess I had better make a poster to put in the window, if I remember.

          Snowing at 10:15 on Tuesday. They got a whole lot in Colorado and Minnesota - I hope we get none. Looked like a bean bag chair exploded this a.m. with little pellets of snow from last night. If you get up early like I do, you can see the sunrise.

         Thanks to all that have written back! I hope you enjoyed your mail. More later.
10:15 Tuesday the 14th of April.

Monday, April 6, 2020


Mystery Doug visit on Tuesday the 7th

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March 31 -news chat only

March 31
We are  meeting daily at home with the teachers from their houses. Everyone is kind of trapped inside. Too much togetherness can be wearing on everybody. For me, I have tried to get outside, when I can. I am waiting for it to warm up to try to get into the garden to look for new growth. I’ll have to put the trellis back up for the purple clematis. The sedum autumn joy is already up. Last week when I was on a walk, I heard the spring peepers. They are a kind of frog. They must have dug themselves out from the mud. The insects are coming back out too. Maybe I  can send a picture when I get it done. Two trees were cut down and ground up on Monday. Boy was that ever loud.

Thanks to the kids that have written me back. Watch for another envelope coming soon. For those who have not, please consider doing this or send me an email, if it is easier. It has been tough to be away for so long.  I miss you all. 

Do some computer learning with razkids and Success Maker. Razkids is wiem1  and password is kinder. The Success Maker is the same as at school. Get outside if the sun comes out. Do some reading together!! Practice some math facts. Play some games! Do a puzzle. Play some card games. Read a story together or listen to one online. 

Happy April Fool’s Day birthday to Rhys!!! :)

Scroll through the older posts on the blog and look at the photos from all of the activities that we did.

Above all- STAY SAFE  AND WELL!! Stay connected to friends and family!! :)