Thursday, August 16, 2018

Where did the summer go? Welcome!!

Hello ……. Some notes to ponder …..
WELCOME TO KINDERGARTEN in Miss Wiemer’s room! :)

The “Color Days,” and “Conference Dates,” and “Calendar,” and “Schedule” are slowly getting updated to reflect the new school year.

School is just around the corner!! Ready or not, here it comes! I hope everyone has had a restful summer! Did you see a lot of sights? Hang out at the pool or lake? Travel to some exciting destinations? Experience life to the fullest? Did you go to the fair? Did I see you there??
Well, school will begin for the students on Tuesday the 21st of August for a shortened day-Dismiss at 1:35. !! -  We have a “Meet the Teacher” Night on Monday August 20th from 5:00-6:00. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before school starts and get into a routine of going to bed a little earlier, I know what summer bedtimes have been like….. (Bedtime mmmmm?) Morning will creep up on you and me both … very fast. The school day starts at 7:55 for us at the elementary, and a lot earlier for those of you that have to catch the bus. Students will be lining up in the morning by the playground side doors. We will be dismissing from that side of the building too, but probably not through those doors.  We have a “secure building,” so if for any reason you are later than the usual start time and the kids have all gone in … you will have to check your child in through the office doors - which are located on the side of the building by the flagpole. You will have to be buzzed in. The teachers will all be outside to meet and greet their classes this first week during arrival time and departure times. The school day ends at 3:05.

***Please be aware of NOT PASSING the school bus’ STOP arms and be sure to park in the appropriate places to avoid any unnecessary traffic citations-YIKES!

I am not sure what the lunch menu is for the first week of school, but it should be posted on the school website soon, if it is not there already. For those of you with kids that are finicky eaters, myself included, you can always send your child with a “cold” lunch. I am not sure what time kindergarten will be eating lunch this year, but in the past it has been at about 10:45. Please feed your child some sort of breakfast, because they do get hungry. We will be having a “snack/milk break” some time in the afternoon. You can purchase milk for your child by the semester or by the year. Check with the office for prices. If you would prefer to send a juice box/pouch instead  (or even a cup for water) has worked - you may wish to do that. Send a small snack - crackers or cereal are a few suggestions - for your child to go with the drink. (NO CANDY PLEASE.) The kids are usually starving by afternoon. There is no group snack. Also, understand there is no refrigeration available for either lunch or afternoon snacks, so plan accordingly.

The first few days will be very tiring for all of us, adults included, as we all get used to the routines of the new school year. I don’t know when our specials will be yet, but be sure your child has shoes that are conducive to “play,” in the event that we have P.E. on the first day. Flip-flops are really not the safest to ‘tear’ around in. We will also have scheduled special times for Art, Music, Computers, and Library.

An added note, please be sure your child has a spare set of clothes available in the event of “spills” and/or accidents that he/she can keep in their locker just in case.

After Care is available for a reasonable cost, if you have the need for supervision of your child after school. Students need to be registered to participate, even if it is only on an occasional basis. I believe this program runs until 6:00 at the latest.

I am anxious to meet each and everyone of you. The “Meet the Teacher” time should have been posted from the office from Mrs. Brockway as Friday the 18th 1-3.

I think our Color Days will start on the Wednesday Aug. 29th and the theme of the day will be to wear RED.  Conference sign-ups for the first Thursday and Friday in November will be available for scheduling on Monday Aug. 20th. If you can’t attend on Monday to get signed up, we can always figure an available conference time as those dates in Nov. get closer.

Just a “heads-up,” We’ll have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday available for Thanksgiving break later in that month - a chance for some family time!
If you are interested, we will be having three holiday class parties this year that will we will need hosts/hostesses for - Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.. Consider to help, if you so desire.

If you are reading this on the computer and as I ramble on …. Enjoy your last days of vacation. Go to the fair. I’ll be there some time. (If it’s Monday night…. Time is up!)

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Red Nose closing day -photos -goodbye

Red Nose Day   May 24, 2018

Helping to take down the calendar area.

Blue Ribbon winners of the year.

Perfect Attendance for the year - only one Kindergartner! I'm proud to say it was Sadie!

We didn't have a PAW winner this year, but maybe next year! Keep writing!!

Good Sportsmanship winners from Track and Field Day.

 Preparing for the "Whole School Red Nose" picture. Someone lost his nose.
We were not trying to be Rudolph - but raise awareness of childhood poverty in the world.

No clouds made it very bright outside.

"Nose to Nose"

Still waiting for everyone to get into position.

This was sure a huge contrast to the eclipse we witnessed on the first day of school!

Some of the books we wrote at the beginning of the year went home with kids. The play-dough went home too!

A little Sight Word Bingo was a lot of fun, right before lunch.

Our Reading Buddies wanted us to autograph beach balls!

It's time to close the chapter on Kindergarten 2017-2018. I hope you have a happy and safe summer. Read about our year in the cloud book enclosed in the "stuff" that came home on Thursday. There are also activity sheets to work on to keep your skills sharp. Some recipes are in there too. Watch the DVD that went home on Wednesday and enjoy a few laughs.
This blog will probably not be revisited until August, when the new school year begins!
It was fun while it lasted, and we learned a lot. 
Miss W.

Monday, May 21, 2018

May 21-NO PICS



May 21

We’re not done yet, but getting close. What will the weather have in store for us this week? The crops are already starting to come up in the farm fields?

We had fun at a Library Party (our 2nd) last Wednesday. We earned it by getting stickers for good behavior! YAY! Now, it’s time to sign up for the Public Library’s summer reading program. There are lots of special events planned, with the opportunity to check out lots of books for fun summer reads ! There’s also books for parents to read too! (Be that role model for your child.)

After a delay on the planting in the school garden due to poor weather, we were able to plant on Wednesday. See the school website for pics from other classes planting. Come help tend the garden over the summer. The produce is always donated to the local food pantries in our area. Our bean plants went home recently.  Plant them if you wish, for some future green beans of your own.

We had a great time last Friday. Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make the day one to remember. We had lots of laughs and fun times at the events. The weather was perfect. Thanks for sending your child prepared for the day.

H.S. grads paraded by us one last time Fri. morning, as they said their goodbyes!

Happy Birthday summer shout-outs to Ashton, Alex, Sadie, and Jaquelynn. (Ryder’s is our May kid, and his is on Friday of this week.)

As the school year comes to an end ….. please be sure:
1. Your child’s lunch account is funded -positive balances carry over to next year.
2. All library books are returned - a few of us still have one or more at home! :o

Have a wonderful summer! Enjoy some travel, but keep current on your studies too! Watch for a packet to come home by Thursday. Enjoy the Decorah eaglets, as they grow more and more independent. (I have to admit, they are not as cute as the ducklings we saw in the first grade classrooms.)

>>>>>!!!!!The last day of school is May 24 at 1:35!!!!!!<<<<<<<

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Planting etc. -photos

YAY for Mrs. VandeVoorde!!! She's our "Gardener Extraordinaire!"

 Here are the raised beds ....

And the Explanation .....

Here are the plants .....

Ready to get down and a little dirty in the soil.

This is us on a sunny Wednesday morning.

A play-do person - color coordinated.

Always graphing.....every chance we can get......

Getting creative - cracker only, sandwich cracker and cracker with the top gone. All the same amounts.

Fish were the favorite snack to bring and graph.

Cereal worked too.

Random Act of Kindness kids! Ryder is in there somewhere! (Front row yellow shirt?)

 More play-do

Our bean plants grew too.

Our green bean plants - roots grow down - and the plants grow up.  Not all of ours came up.

           Probably the last of the pictures for the year! I am not planning on taking Track and Field Day events. If you happen to be there you could take some for yourself. Be sure your child is dressed for warm weather!! Sunscreen and good shoes to move in.